Complete BBC Radio One Sessions (Box set)

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Subtitle: Peel & Jensen Sessions 1982-1983-1984

Complete BBC Radio One Sessions - Cover of the 10" (front)
Complete BBC Radio One Sessions - Cover of the 10" (back)
Complete BBC Radio One Sessions - Boxset (overview)

A double 10" vinyl bootleg, released towards the end of the year 2018, containing the three radio sessions mentioned above.

Beyond question, these sessions have been the source of most bootleg releases featuring The Sisters of Mercy through the years. To get an idea of the multitude of items that contain all of these songs or some of them, please check the representative lists of CDs, LPs or 7"s on the respective sites for Peel Session 82, Jensen Session 83 and Peel Session 84.

However, what sets the present item apart from all the other bootlegs with the same content, that were released before, is the astonishing sound quality.

Release Notes

  • Label: none, private release
  • Format: 2 x 10" vinyl LP
  • Catalogue#: none
  • Released: 2018
  • Production Note: Lathe Cut


  • Comes as a wooden box set.
The set consists of two 10" vinyl records, a CD with the same musical content, a t-shirt, a lighter and a certification card.
The two vinyls are stored in a gatefold die-cut cover made of crude craft cartonage, while the CD comes in a generic half-transparent paper sleeve.
  • Strictly limited to up to 10 items
The numbering appears handwritten on the inside of the box and on the generic CD cover back,
while the numbers on the 10" sleeves and the certification card are machine printed.
  • There is a black printing of the old head and star logo on the lid of the box, otherwise the box doesn't have any decorations.
The lid closes by sliding it into a notch.
  • The artwork on front of the 10" gatefold sleeve includes two round two-colour prints showing images of John Peel and David "Kid" Jensen.
John Peel - Image template for the cover art
David "Kid" Jensen - Image template for the cover art
Complete BBC Radio One Sessions - Detail of the front cover art
  • Cover back notes:
On the right side: NUMBER X OF 10
  • The lighter is black and golden with the band's name and the old head and star logo printed on it in golden letters.
Complete BBC Radio One Sessions - Record one
  • The design of the t-shirt is similar to the one of the lighter, adding the complete bootleg title below.
  • The labels of the vinyls give the complete bootleg title and the band's name in red-brown colour
and the respective number of the sides of the records in white lettering on black background.
  • The label on the CD tells in golden letters on black background:
This appears in combination with the head and star logo and a compact disc logo.
  • The two 10" record are made of clear and fully transparent vinyl.
  • Excellent sound quality.


Side A, Tracks 1 - 4:    John Peel Session '82
Side B, Tracks 1 - 3: Kid Jensen Session '83
Side C, Track 1: Kid Jensen Session '83
     Tracks 2 - 3: John Peel Session '84
Side D, Tracks 1 - 2: John Peel Session '84

Track List

Side A Side B Side C Side D
A1 - 1969 B1 - Heartland                               C1 - Burn D1 - Emma
A2 - Alice B2 - Jolene C2 - Walk Away D2 - No Time To Cry
A3 - Floorshow B3 - Valentine C3 - Poison Door                              
A4 - Good Things                              

Sound Comparison

  • All sound tracks used here have been taken from vinyl items.
- Floorshow for the John Peel Session '82
- Heartland for the Kid Jensen Session '83
- No Time To Cry for the John Peel Session '84

Present item
Gimme Shelter LP
Jolene bw No Time To Cry 7"
Lord Of Darkness LP
Year of release:  
late eighties
Complete BBC Radio One Sessions1.jpeg
Jolene - No Time To Cry Cover Front.jpg
Lord of Darkness FRONT.jpg
No Time To Cry

A Black Pack DLP
Psychedelic Sessions 1986 LP
The Dancer's Reward LP
Halloween In Arkham LP
Psychedelic Sessions 1984 LP
Year of release:  
early 1985
A Black Pack Cover Front.jpg
Psychedelic Sessions 1986 LP Front.jpeg
The Dancers Reward Front.jpg
Halloween in arkham front.jpg
Psychedelic Sessions 1984 LP 1st Edition Cover Front.jpg
No Time To Cry

Technical remarks

  • The sound files were reproduced with a Pioneer PLX 500 turmtable and digitised with its software Rekordbox DVS.
  • Due to predefined wikimedia storage space limits the files had to be converted from a lossless format to mp3.
As all songs underwent the same conversion process, they are still comparable, though now at a lower sound quality than the initial files.
  • The records used were taken from a private collection. They have different grades of usage and age. According to the Goldmine Standard for Grading
most of these vinyls are near mint, with the exception of Lord Of Darkness, Halloween In Arkham and Jolene bw No Time To Cry, which are very good plus,
and A Black Pack, which can be considered as very good.
  • All sound files consist of the first few seconds of the respective songs and have not been manipulated or shortened during the recording and conversion process.


  • First and foremost one should turn his attention to
- the definition of sound - can the instruments be clearly distinguished?
- the treble sounds, like the hi-hat of Doktor Avalanche - are they sharp, or flat, or even lost completely?
- the pitch.
  • Because of the low quality of the mp3 files, the bass sounds do not differ all that much.

On the Talk Section you can find some further observations on this arrangment.

Additional Pictures

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Complete BBC Radio One Sessions - Certification card (front)
Complete BBC Radio One Sessions - Certification card (back)

Complete BBC Radio One Sessions - Label
Complete BBC Radio One Sessions - 10" gatefold sleeve (inside)

Complete BBC Radio One Sessions - CD
Complete BBC Radio One Sessions - Detail of the lid
Complete BBC Radio One Sessions - Lighter
Complete BBC Radio One Sessions - Detail of the T-shirt