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It's been claimed that the Sisters were one of the most bootlegged bands of the Eighties.
This would be a comprehensive list of all their bootlegs .... unfortunately, it is not. Not yet, anyway ....
Bootlegs you do not find here may be listed on sistersbootlegs or on the comprehensive The Sisters of Mercy Ultimate Resource Guide


  • The ubiquity of the internet and the ease of portable recording technology these days means that many recent concert recordings are actually captured by members of the audience, using their own personal audio and video recording equipment. The resulting recordings are then spread and exchanged among the fan-base for free. These are often very good CD or DVD productions, frequently involving much more work than simply a take from the respective gig (which itself is hard enough to achieve at times).
  • Some "official" bootlegs sold on sites such as eBay may be taken from these personal fan audience recordings, which were never intended to go on commercial sale. Those we have been able to detect so far, apart from within the lists below, can be found under Audience Recordings, where all audience recordings are listed including the artwork from the fanbase, where it exists.
  • Anyway, there are plenty bootleg CDs based on audience recordings which are nonetheless silver-pressed and HQ as to sound and material. Others are homemade CDrs, which again does not mean the sound were not good (as they often derive from the very same sources).
  • If you find any bootleg is actually an audience recording and not yet categorised as such, please let us know using the above 'discussion' feature.

More background on bootleg recordings can be found on Wikipedia.


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