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Dominion - Single cover (front)

Emma was originally released in 1974 by Hot Chocolate.

The Sisters of Mercy covered the song live on numerous occasions between 1983 and 1990

and performed it for the first time at Bixton Ace, London on April 19th, 1983).

During their concert at Lokerse Feesten in Lokeren, Belgium 2005,

Andrew Eldritch sang the lyrics of Althia & Donna's Uptown Top Ranking over the sounds of Emma,

thus rendering a new dimension to both the songs.

An official Sisters recording of Emma can be found on the 12" Dominion (single)

and as a bonus track on the 2006 re-issue of Floodland.

Some interesting facts about the recording and production of this track

can be found in this post @The Heartland Forums.


Floodland - Album cover (front)

We were together since we were five
She was so pretty
Emma was a star in everyone's eyes
And when she said she'd be a movie queen
Nobody laughed
A face like an angel
She could be anything

Emma, Emmaline
I'm gonna write your name high on that silver screen
Emma, Emmaline
I'm gonna make you the biggest star this world has ever seen

The Sisters of Mercy - Emma (live in 1985)

At seventeen we were wed
I'd work day and night
To earn our daily bread
And every day Emma would go out
Searching for that play
That never, ever came her way
You know sometimes she'd come home
So depressed
I'd hear her crying in the back room
Feel so distressed
And I'd remember back when she was five
To the words that used to make
Emmaline come alive
It was :

Emma, Emmaline,
I'm gonna write your name high on that silver screen.
Emma, Emmaline
I'm gonna make you the biggest star this world has ever seen."

The Sisters of Mercy live @Lokerse Feesten
covering Uptown Top Ranking over Emma in 2005

It was a cold and dark December night
When I opened up the bedroom door
To find her lying still and cold
Upon the bed
A love letter lying on the bedroom floor

It read :
"Darling I love you,
But I just can't keep on living on dreams no more.
I tried so very hard not to leave you alone.
I just can't keep on trying no more."

Emmaline ...
Aaargh, Emmaline ...
Aaargh ...
Emma, Emmaline ...
Aaargh ...
Emma, Emmaline ...

Music & Lyrics by Errol Brown, Tony Wilson
Lyrics and music are property and copyright of their respective rights holders and provided only for study purposes.