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The Doktor around 1997

Doktor Avalanche is The Sisters of Mercy's drum machine,

taking over drumming duties from Andrew Eldritch after the first single, Damage Done.

The Original - BOSS Dr Rythum DR55

Originally the Doktor was a Boss DR55 "Doktor Rhythm" featuring
only four sounds, not much of a memory - and one MONO output ...
However, it's there where he's got his name from ...

In the 1990ies, the Doktor was running on a custom rig under DOS 3.3, despite Adam Pearson's desire to run it with "logic" on a Mac.

On recent tours, the Doktor has been intermittently responsible for
playing bass as well, probably when guitarists' hands got tired.

For elaborate technical details on The Doktor and the whole of his extented equipment

see Doktor Avalanche - The Official Biography on The Sisters Official Site ...

There is also an according and informing thread on Heartland Forum ...

A Set Of Family Photos ...

... a few more pictures documenting the Doktor's development over the years:

(Click for larger views...)

The Early 1980ies - A Successive Series Of Roland TRs

Roland TR-606
- a bit more memory, a few more sounds ...
Roland TR-808
- the first serious drum machine
Roland TR-909 - only a short intermezzo
with improved cymbals and hi-hats

1984/5 - First And Last And Always

Oberheim DMX - going Midi, really an improvement
The Sisters of Mercy with their new Oberheim DMX
at the Black Planet video set ...

1986/7 - Floodland Era

Yamaha RX5 - Eldritch's first Hamburg companion
... by time of the actual Floodland recordings added with an AKAI S900

1989/90 - Matured ...

AKAI S1000 - A Vision Thing ...

Hard To Find - Post Millennium Live Picture Material

The Doktor and The Nurse in soundcheck with Near Meth Experience in 2005
The Doktor and The Nurse in soundcheck with Near Meth Experience in 2005
The Doktor shining through the fog at Le Trianon, Paris in 2011

Always on pace with technical innovations of the time

The Doktor slimmed down visually over the years ...

The Doktor 2006 in Brazil

2011 - The Current Gear

Recently, The Sisters of Mercy have upgraded The Doktor's components with 3 MacBooks Pro ... a stable basis for future experiments ...

The Doktor in 2011 - refreshed and irreplaceable as ever ...