Psychedelic Sessions 1986

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Psychedelic Sessions LP 1986 - Cover (Front)

There are two differing vinyl bootlegs and two further CD-bootlegs titled Psychedelic Sessions.

  1. The first variety of a vinyl LP was issued in two limited edtions in 1984.
  2. Insofar, the one presented here forms the third edition on vinyl, apart from the fact
    that the track list differs slightly.
  3. This present issue does also exist in two editions.
  4. A CD with the same title, track list and cover was released by Three Cool Cats in 1991.
  5. The other CD is part of Family Tree 8CD Box Set and includes the tracks of both,
    the 1984 and the present 1986 LP.
  6. In addition, the LP presented here formed also a part of the DoLP-bootleg A Black Pack
    from the same label, while the same tracks with partly the same wrong song titles can
    be found on Oh, The Sisters Of Mercy They Are Not Departed Or Gone.
  7. Beyond that, the compilation of songs used here is also available on the two bootleg-LPs
    Dead Flowers and Out Through The Poison Door.
  8. My kindest sympathies to The Sisters of Mercy as well as to any collectors ...

Release Notes for the Psychedelic Sessions 1986 Vinyl LP

  • Label 1st Edtion: KTFB Records / Lounging Records
  • Catalog#: PS, PS
  • Format: Vinyl, LP, Unofficial Release
  • Place and date of release: Germany 1986
  • Label 2nd Edition: Northlake Records
Psychedelic Sessions LP 1986 - Cover 1st Edition (back)


* Tracks A1 - A4:    John Peel Session 7th September 1982
* Tracks A5 + A6:    Kid Jensen Session 11th April 1983
* Tracks B1 - B3: John Peel Session 11th July 1984
* Tracks B4 + B5: recorded live on August 28, 1983 at the Paradiso in Amsterdam/NL


  • Notes on the back sleeve: ℗ & © KTFB Records
  • Notes on the labels 1st edition: Lounge Records / GEMA in red print
  • Notes on the labels 2nd edition: Northlake Record in yellow-green print
  • Tracks B4 and B5 are credited wrongly to the John Peel Session '84 on the back sleeve
  • Further mistakes on the cover:
B3 - Emma - EMMALINE
B4 - Gimme Shelter - GIMMIE SHELTER
B5 - Adrenochrome - SISTERS OF MERCY

For recent price developments of this LP see sistersbootlegs Psychedelic Sessions 1986

Label 2nd Edition

Track Lists

Side A    Duration                      Side B    Duration
A1 - 1969    2:36    B1 - Poison Door    3:34   
A2 - Floorshow      3:21    B2 - No Time To Cry        3:52   
A3 - Good Things        3:34    B3 - Emma    6:45   
A4 - Alice    3:27    B4 - Gimme Shelter    5:28   
A5 - Jolene    2:44    B5 - Adrenochrome    3:56   
A6 - Burn    3:41   

Psycheldic Sessions LP 1986
- Cover and vinyl of th 1st Editon

Lounge Records Label
  • A1 - Cover of original by The Stooges
  • A5 - Cover of original by Dolly Parton
  • B3 - Cover of original by Errol Brown , Tony Wilson
  • B4 - Cover of original by Jagger, Richards

Band / Recording Personnel

  • NOTE:
Ben Gunn is omitted, although he played the second guitar
during the first Peel Session in 1982.