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Out Through The Poison Door
- one of the very first vinyl bootlegs
The Peel Sessions - Bootleg CD

The Sisters of Mercy recorded three sessions for BBC Radio One,

the first and the third one with John Peel and the second one with David "Kid" Jenson.

All of these sessions are featured on various Studio Bootlegs,

see for example the pictures left and rigtht.

Beyond these live recording sessions with The Sisters of Mercy,

various songs from the band's early releases got played by John Peel

in his Radio Show on Radio One, on BFBS, or on other occasions.

In that regard, we recommend the John Peel page in this wiki and

even more so the wonderful John Peel Wiki ...

You should also check the pretty I Was A Teenage Sisters of Mercy Fan blog

under Sisters Mysteries V – did Peel play Damage Done?

for some further interesting and entertaining read.

All of these recordings, the sessions as well as the radio broadcast are

- of course - in free circulation among the fanbase.

Session One: 25 August 1982

For John Peel's show first broadcast on 7 September 1982

Tracks         Duration
1969   -   2:36
Floorshow   -   3:21
Good Things           -   3:34
Alice   -   3:27

see also the BBC's official record of this session ...

Session Two: 06 March 1983

For David "Kid" Jensen's show first broadcast on 10 March 1983

Tracks   Duration
Heartland   -    3:31
Jolene   -    2:36
Valentine                -    4:25
Burn   -    3:41

Session Three: 19 June 1984

For John Peel's show first broadcast on 11 July 1984

Tracks   Duration
Poison Door   -   3:33
No Time To Cry        -   3:52
Walk Away   -   
Emma   -   6:45

see also ... the BBC's official record of this session ...