(The Unofficial Theme To) Angel Heart

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"Angel Heart" - 7" Cover (front)
"Angel Heart" - 7" Cover (back)

An unofficial 7" single release ...

Release Notes

  • Label: Big Jesus Ltd. (London)
  • Catalogue#: Big Jesus 107
  • Format: 7" vinyl single
  • Date and place of release: 1987 (UK)


  • Side A: VC-5859-A JOLENE L27435
  • Side B: VC-5859-B NOTHING BUT THE GOOD L27435X


"Angel Heart" - Fold-out Cover
  • The vinyl comes with a large centre hole and needs a 45-rpm adaptor to be played.
  • Sleeve design by Teen Messiah
  • The cover is a relatively thick glossy fold-out cover opening downwards.
On the front it shows a picture of Robert De Niro personating Louis Cyphre, i.e. Lucifer,
in the 1987 mystery and psycho thriller Angel Heart. The second main character in this film,
privat eye Harry Angel, is impersonated by Mickey Rourke
  • The label on side A names "The Sisterhood" as performing artists
and ascribes Good Things, which is wrongly spelled "Good Thing" to the "Raiders".
This band does exist, and they also have a song titled "Good Thing", but it is
a completely different track, rather unrelated to The Sisters' song on this vinyl.
  • Additional notes on label A:
p.o. box 1969
hollywood, ca
  • Side B comes without any label.
  • Additional note on back cover "What was and what will never be!"



Further Pictures

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"Angel Heart" - Vinyl (Side A) with cover
"Angel Heart" - Label Side A
"Angel Heart" - Side B Run-out without label