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The Reptile House EP - Cover (front)
Valentine - Live at Klub Foot Hammersmith 1982

Valentine was officially released in May 1983 on The Reptile House EP, catalogue# MR023. In 1992, the song was officially featured again on the singles compilation album Some Girls Wander By Mistake.

Demo versions of Valentine came into exitance in September 1982, when The Sisters recorded the so-called Portastudio Demos with John Ashton at Strawberry Studios, Stockport. These recordings can be found on many early bootlegs like Acoustics From The Beehive, Hard Reign or Rare Obscurities.

The Klub Foot Hammersmith in London was lucky enough to see the first live perfomance of the song on 23 December 1982, which is documented well on the bootleg LP The Grief.

Valentine - BBC Radio 1, Kid Jenson Session 1983 - (Track 4)
Some Girls Wander By Mistake - Cover (front)

In March 1983, before the release of The Reptile House EP, The Sisters of Mercy played Valentine during their second BBC Radio One session with David "Kid" Jenson. Recordings from this session are available on the bootlegs The Shuttered Room and Entertainment Or Death.

As the wonderful people at the John Peel Wiki recently revealed, John Peel played the song in his John Peel's Music feature on BFBS (Germany) on July 6th, 1983. More information on this and other airings of Sisters songs by John Peel and the according circumstances are also addressed in Sisters Mysteries V – Did Peel play Damage Done? at the I Was A Teenage Sisters of Mercy Fan blog. A collection of audios from all available John Peel presentations of Sisters songs compiled by Dan Ishikawa and published by Phil Verne is in circulation among the fanbase, see also John Peel Shows 1980-85 for some lovely coverart by reverend.

Valentine, like the entire Reptile House EP, has always been very popular among Sisters fans and up until today, it has been a welcome part of The Sisters' and also the Speed Kings' live-setlist. Insofar live performances of the songs are available on many bootlegs like Tender Mercies, Satanic Verses, TRIX 2015 or most recently Live From The Slough Of Despond or Sheffield 2016.

Beyond all these appearances, some Polish bootleggers did - of course - create a flexi and also even an art postcard flexi that feature this song, see for example the picture down below.

Valentine - Live in Hull 1983
Valentine - Live at Wembley 1990


- The lyrics here are taken from The Sisters of Mercy official lyrics book Postcards From Above The Chemist -

The razor bites and the shriek subsides
He arches clutching at his sides
Across the floor, across the tiles
The man is dead and the razor smiles
A shiny love song, a quick incision
Cut him down on television

A people come to this
Beyond the age of reason
A people fed on famine
A people on their knees
A people eat each other
A people stand in line
Waiting for another war and
Waiting for my Valentine

For a million empty faces
For a million hollow smiles
Cancer for my education
Watch the body hit the files
Waiting for another war and
Waiting for my Valentine

Valentine - Polish Art Postcard Flexi 1/2

Music & Lyrics: Andrew Eldritch
Lyrics and music are property and copyright of their respective rights holders and provided only for study purposes.

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Some more recent live performances

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Valentine - Live at The Forum, London 2003 (still video)
Valentine - Live at Archa Theatre, Prague 2014
Valentine - Live in Sao Paulo, Brasil 2016