The Shuttered Room

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The Shuttered Room - Cover (front)

A double-single bootleg from the 1980ies ...

Release Notes

  • Label: FUNN - Funn 8 + Funn 9 Maida-Vaile-Studios 1983
  • Catalogue#: FUNN8/9/L-31979/80
  • Format: 2 x 7" vinyl single
  • Released: 1988 (USA)
  • Matrix / Run-outs
Record 1: Side A: FUNN-8-A L-31980 - Side B: FUNN-8-B L-31980X
Record 2: Side C: FUNN-9-A L-31979 - Side D: FUNN-9-A L-31979X


  • Limited edition of 300 or 500 copies
  • Double pack 7" vinyl single set
  • Comes in b/w printed wrap-around sleeve

The Shuttered Room - First edition: black vinyls, black labels


  • The first edition is a limited edition
and comes on black vinyl with plain black labels
  • A further issue does also come on black vinyl but with plain white labels.
Beyond that, the records have a large centre hole and so-called juke-box labels.
  • Various coloured reissues are said to exist as well.
Alleged colours are purple, pink, and red, with plain white labels.
To-day only one such coloured issue has surfaced coming on
blackberry-red vinyls (of different shades) with plain white labels.


  • Kid Jensen Session, BBC Radio 1, recorded live on 06/03/83.
The Shuttered Room - Cover (back)
  • NOTE: Coloured versions of the two records from this bootleg have obviously also been used
as record 1 and record two of the FUNN 3x7" Triple Pack, accompanied by
a coloured issue of the Sins And Secrets.

For recent price developments see sistersbootlegs/The Shuttered Room ...

Track List

Record 1

Record 2

Additional Pictures

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The Shuttered Room
- Black vinyls, white labels with large centre hole (jukebox labels)
The Shuttered Room - Blackberry-red vinyls with plain white labels and wrap-around cover (overview)