Tender Mercies

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Tender Mercies - Cover (front)
Tender Mercies - Cover (back)
Tender Mercies - plain blue label

Release Notes Remarks
- Label: unknown - This is a limited collector's edition of 150 copies.
- Catalogue# / Runouts: SISTERS 1 / SISTERS 2 - The vinyls are black with plain blue labels.
- Format: 12" Vinyl LP - There are some mistakes on the cover:
- Release date: 1986    A5 is misspelled 'Adrenochrane'
   The date of the gig is wrongly given as 30.11.83
- Recorded live on NOTE: This is one of the very few, if not the only, Sisters bootleg that is pressed in mono !!!
  31st of October 1983, I-Beam, San Francisco, USA         

Track List

Side A Side B
A1. Valentine B1. Adrenochrome
A2. Temple Of Love                            B2. Floorshow
A3. Heartland B3. Body Electric
A4. Emma B4. Gimme Shelter
B5. Kiss The Carpet

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