Hard Reign (LP)

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Hard Reign - Cover of the first edition
Hard Reign - Cover of the second edition

This vinyl bootleg is a rather widespread and interesting one.

It contains all the tracks that were recorded on a Portastudio recording device during an early recording session in 1982
for the Reptile House EP.

Therefore, these tracks have become commonly known as the Portastudio Demos.

Release Notes

  • Label: unknown
  • Catalog#: SIS-1
  • Format: Vinyl LP
  • Released: 1990 (UK)

Hard Reign - First (green) Edition with Sticker on Label


  • Released in two editions:
The first edition has a light green-white sleeve and white labels with 'Promotional Copy Only' printed on them.
The second edition has the same cover, but in a black-white printing. Its labels are plain, however.
Some have a white, others a pale blue colour.
  • Some of the first edition labels come with a white "MADE IN THE U.K." sticker.
  • The front cover image is the same as appears in the press article "The Devil's Floorshow"
that was released in the Melody Maker music magazine edition of 15th of January 1983.
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  • On the spine appears only the band's name and no bootleg title.
  • Back cover notes:
    Hard Reign - Detail of the spine
All Rights Reserved
(R)1990 (C)1980

Hard Reign - Back cover of the first edition

Track List

Title on back cover            Supplementary notes
A1.    Valentine #1
A2. Body Politic Pre-version of Fix
A3. Lights
A4. Anaconda
A5. Driver Unreleased song; some similarities to Heartland

B1.    Good Things Unreleased song
B2. Phantom
B3. Burn Very different to the final version of Burn;
known as well under the title "Burn It Down"
B4. Kiss The Carpet An instrumantal version of Burn
B5. Valentine #2 Differs slightly to Take 1

Note: There is also a 7" vinyl bootleg with the same title but completely different tracks.

For recent price developments see sistersbootlegs/Hard Reign

Additional Pictures

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Melody Maker - 15th January 1985
"The Devil's Floorshow" (page 1)
Melody Maker - 15th January 1985
"The Devil's Floorshow" (page 2)
Hard Reign - Label of the first edition
Hard Reign - First Edition Label with U.K. sticker

Hard Reign - Overview of the second edition with plain white labels
The attachment is an A4 ad for the lyric book "Postcards From Above The Chemist" published by "The Reptile House Ltd in 1992.
Hard Reign - Overview of the second edition with pale blue labels
Hard Reign - Second (b/w) edition cover (back)