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The Reptile House Ltd

In the days when computer technology was still in the fledgling stages before online trade was commonly spread,

The Reptile House Ltd was The Sisters of Mercy's official information service and merchandise mailorder service

located in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England and for almost a decade available under PO BOX HP29.

It was directly linked to The Sisters' very own record label Merciful Release and took over from the latter the position

of the means of information and contact of the band with their fanbase and the most important t-shirt production.

This was based on annual subscription in various degrees, the least of which included a year's subscription to

The Sisters Of Mercy Information Service and four current issues of their fan magazine Underneath The Rock.

It was meant to be represented on the official band website, too, but remained "under construction" ever since.

Nowadays, The Sisters of Mercy have outsourced their merchandise services and are trading along Shopify.

Typical Reptile House Paperwork from the 1990s

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Order forms, info sheets, postcard ...
Band Information Flyer