Halloween In Arkham

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Halloween In Arkham - Cover (front)
Halloween In Arkham - Cover (back)

One of the earliest 12" vinyl Sisters bootlegs.

Remarkably, Halloween In Arkham, which features the song No Time To Cry, was released before the official single, published on March 8th, 1985.

The version available here is, however, the one of the John Peel Session 1984, the first time the song was performed live.

For some thoughts about the evaluation and significance of this bootleg, please check the according discussion page.

Release Notes

  • Label: Arche Noire Records
Halloween In Arkham - Second Edition Cover (back) without numbering
  • Catalogue#: ANR 024
  • Format: 12" vinyl LP
  • Released: 1985


  • Released in two editions
  • The first edition is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.
  • The second edition is limited to 300 copies, but not numbered.
  • Vinyls have plain white labels and 523-A and 523-B, respectively, etched into the run-outs.
  • The cover of the first edition has a copper/gold-like coloured print, while the second edition
comes with a pasted b/w copy instead.
  • The picture on the front is a low resolution copy of the art work "Dreams in the Witch House"
by Harry O. Morris Jr., a contemporary American artist. It is part of a serial of 15 grafics
titled "Halloween in Arkham" created in 1979, which seems to be the origin of the name
of the present album. The artwork itself got its title from a short story of the same name by
H. P. Lovecraft, published first in 1933, whereas the city of Arkham is an integral part
of Lovecraft's fictional universe.

Dreams in the Witch House from the Halloween in Arkham series
by Harry O. Morris Jr.


The back cover wrongly notes: SIDE ONE - Brixton Ace, London 17.03.1983

Track List

Side One

A1   Alice
A2   Valentine
A3   Anaconda
A4   Body Electric
A5   1969

Side Two

B1   Sister Ray
B2   Poison Door
B3   No Time To Cry
B4   Walk Away
B5   Emma

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Additional Pictures

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Halloween In Arkham - Cover (front) with vinyl
Halloween In Arkham - Plain white label