Knocking On Heaven's Door (Family Tree Box)

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Knocking On Heaven's Door (Family Tree Box)
- MRCD7 cover (front)

This CD bootleg is originally included in the Family Tree 8CD Box Set,

but has also been sold on Ebay as an individual item.

Release Notes

  • Label: Austro Mechana
  • Catalogue#: MRCD7
  • Format: CD
  • Time and Place of Release: 1991 (UK)
  • Production: Made in England


NOTE: This CD features the last concert of The Sisters of Mercy in the 1980ies.

Other audio and video recordings from this gig can be found on:

Track List

Knocking On Heaven's Door - MRCD7 Cover (back)
01   First And Last And Always 4:11
02   Body And Soul 3:35
03   Marian 5:03
04   No Time To Cry 3:53
05   Walk Away 3:44
06   Possession 4:32
07   Emma 6:18
08   Amphetamine Logic 4:14
09   A Rock And A Hard Place 3:30
10   Floorshow 3:52
11   Alice 4:12
12   Fix 2:41
13   Knocking On Heaven's Door                                       6:51

Additional Pictures

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Knocking On Heaven's Door (Family Tree Box - MRCD7 disc in tray
Knocking On Heaven's Door (Family Tree Box) - MRCD7 inlay (front)