Family Tree 8CD Box Set

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A CD box set consisting of 8 CDs with various live recordings, demos and studio sessions.

Family Tree 8CD Box - Contents

Release Notes

  • Label: Austro Mechana
  • Catalogue#: MRCD1 - MRCD8
  • Format: 8CD Box Set
  • Time and Place of Release: 1991 (UK)


  • Made in England
  • Limited edition of 500 boxes
  • Some are numbered others are not.
  • Also referred to as "Merciful Release Box"
  • Not to mix up with the Rhino Merciful Release 3CD Box



Additional Pictures

Sorry for the not so hi-res quality. These pictures are only meant to give you an idea. Any better quality pictures were very much appreciated.

Family Tree Box - unfolded with bottom

Please click into pictures for larger view.

Family Tree Box - view from underneath
Family Tree Box - open with view on CDs
Family Tree Box Set - unpacked with content
Family Tree Box - Package