Wake - In Concert At The Royal Albert Hall (DVD)

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Wake - In Concert At The Royal Albert Hall - alledgedly an original release from Brazil (cover front)
Wake - In Concert At The Royal Albert Hall - alledgedly an original release from Brazil (cover back)

As far as we are informed, Wake, the first video featuring The Sisters of Mercy performing
their last concert as the First And Last And Always line-up at the Royal Albert Hall, London, UK, was never released officially other than in VHS format and as a Laserdisc.

However, with technological development plenty DVDs have surfaced.
These products - bootlegs or not - are mainly listed here as far as we are aware of them.

Release Notes for this one (Brazilian DVD issue)
Note: This is possibly the only real official DVD release of Wake.

  • Label: Exclusive Vision
  • Catalogue#: EX 0601 / Barcode: 7 802860 060127
  • Format: Dolby / NTSC - Region 0 (i.e. worldwide)
                said to be a factory pressed DVD not a dvd-r
  • Released: 1998, alledgedly an official Brazilian only
                    DVD-release with Portuguese language menu
  • Rights Distribution (according to cover): © & ℗ 1998 Exclusive Vision
  • Running time: 57 minutes

Australian Bootleg Releases

Bootleg-DVD of Wake - Cover
Bootleg-DVD of Wake - Overview

This one is clearly a DVD-video bootleg
of the original Wake release.

Release Notes

  • Label: Merciful DVD
  • Catalogue#(s):
  • Format: DVD / also available as
    a box set including an audio-CD
  • Released: 2007 (Australia)
                   2009 (CD only release)
  • Barcode: 6 14478 02254 1
    (counts for all these releases)

MERCD1 Digipack - Overview
MERDVD Box Set - Overview
MERCD1 Digipack - Tray with disc
Wake MERDVD1 and MERDC1 box set without further content


  • Good sound quality
  • The recording is taken from the 1987 Channel 5 VHS (CFV06152).
    For details on this one see Wake...
  • Available as DVD only, as CD only and as a box set.
  • The box set is a limited edition of 100 units consisting
    of a DVD as well as an audio CD of the concert and
    further more including a T-shirt, a badge, a guitar pick,
    and a replica of the programme for the show.
  • A box set consisting of only the DVD and the CD
    without all the other content does exist as well.
  • In addition, there is a CD-only edition which is also limited
    to 100 hand-numbered copies. It comes as a digipack
    (see pictures on the right).
    The barcode is the same as for the other editions,
    and so is the catalogue# - MERCD1

Common Details For All Releases Mentioned In This Page

  • Produced and directed by Mike Mansfield

Further Releases

Another DVD-bootleg of Wake; this time from the Russian MUZ label

There are several further DVD-video bootlegs featuring this concert like for example the one
here on the left by the Russian MUZ Records label. This edition has probably been issued
around 2010. Obviously, the bootleggers did not care at all, who was member of the band
at the time of the original release and who was not.

Possibly, Wake was so often bootlegged because it marked the end of The Sisters of Mercy's
First And Last And Always line-up. Anyway, it was an exceptionally
great concert, and the sound quality of the original is very good.

For further examples see also:

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