Wake (choruses from under the rock)

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This CD contains an audio stream of The Sisters of Mercy's first live video Wake,

which also marked the end of their First And Last And Always line-up.

Wake (choruses from under the rock) - CD cover (front)
Wake (choruses from under the rock) - CD cover (back)

Wake was released on PolyGram, as WEA didn't want to finance the project.

"Choruses from under the Rock" was also the subtitle of the original.

Release Notes

  • Label: allegedly WEA,
    in fact an Australian release
Wake (choruses from under the rock) - CD cover (front inlay complete)
  • Catalogue#: unknown
  • Format: CD
  • Released: unknown


  • Apart from Wake, this CD features most
    songs from the 1988 German single release of Dominion (single) as "Bonus Tracks".
  • Some similar Australian releases most likely from the same bootlegger exist.
    These do, however, not feature the "Bonus Tracks" of the present CD, nor do they give any actual
    running times for the individual songs.


  • Tracks 14 - 16 are "Bonus Tracks" originally from Dominion.

Track List

1.  First And Last And Always                                                                         4:39
 2.  Body And Soul 3:37
 3.  Marian 5:02
 4.  No Time To Cry 3:57
 5.  Walk Away 3:40
 6.  Possession 4:36
 7.  Emma 6:19
 8.  Amphetamine Logic 4:10
 9.  A Rock And A Hard Place 3:31
10.  Floorshow 4:00
11.  Alice 4:13
12.  Fix 2:43
13.  Knockin' On Heaven's Door 7:07
14.  Untitled 3:31
15.  Sandstorm 1:46
16.  Ozymandias 4:11