Lord Of Darkness

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Lord Of Darkness - Cover (front)

12" bootleg, released in the late 80ies on black vinyl.

Contains the Peel and Jensen Sessions and additionally the song "Red Skies Disappear".

Release Notes

  • Label: LOD
  • Format: 12" vinyl LP
  • Catalogue#: - none -
  • Released: unknown


  • Runout-grooves: LOD-A, LOD-B
  • Allegedly limited to 1000, not numbered
  • Vinyls come with plain white, plain yellow, or plain red labels, or with printed b/w MR logo labels
The copy with plain white labels is possibly a test pressing.
  • B2 is misspelled as "Poisen Door" on the cover back
  • Cover artwork shows "Poet: From a Collection of Relics and Ornaments"
Created by American photographer Joel-Peter Witkin in 1986
Joel-Peter Witkin is also responsible for the coverart of Half Moon Over Amsterdam


For recent price developments see sistersbootlegs/Lord of Darkness or popsike/lord of darkness...

Lord Of Darkness - Cover (back)

Track List

Side A - Total Running Time: 25min -

1. 1969

2. Floorshow

3. Good Things

4. Alice

5. Heartland

6. Jolene

7. Valentine

Side B - Total Running Time: 24min. -

1. Burn

2. Poison Door

3. No Time To Cry

4. Walk Away

5. Emma

6. Red Skies Disappear - listed as "First And Last And Always (Marian Version)"

Additional Pictures

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Lord Of Darkness - Cover (front) witht Red Label Vinyl
Lord Of Darkness - Red Label
Lord Of Darkness - Yellow Label
Lord Of Darkness - White Label
Lord Of Darkness - MR Logo Label (front)
Lord Of Darkness - MR Logo Label (back)