Strawberry Sessions 1984

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Strawberry Studios, Stockport

In summer 1984, i.e. in June and July 1984, The Sisters of Mercy recorded their first studio album
First And Last And Always at Strawberry Recording Studios in Stockport near Manchester.
With them was record producer Dave Allen.

By the end of July 1984, mixes for 18 songs were prepared on ten analogue master reels.

For the Rhino 2006 re-release of First And Last And Always the original sheet
with the list of these master reels was used as artwork for the CD-tray.
See the picture way down below ...

According to this page in another Wiki
the titles Tones, Spit on Your Grave, Evil Come Evil Go and Down to E.....
refer to known songs and were used as working titles.

In addition, some six further tracks were recorded which did not refer to the planned album release.

Some lovely and extensive read of what has become of some of the tracks recorded here
can be found in the I Was A Teenage Sisters of Mercy Fan   blog
under the entry Second and Last and Always – Part 1

List of master reels and tracks as given on the original sheet

  Reel     Track     Working Title   Track   Working Title   Track           Working Title
    1     unknown   Tones          No Time To Cry             
    2     Emma     Walk Away      
    3     Poison Door     A Rock And A Hard Place      
    4     First And Last And Always
  (album version)    
  Scottish One A   First And Last And Always
  (Japan version)    
  Scottish One B        
    5     Possession   unknown   Spit On Your Grave       unknown         Evil Come Evil Go    
    6     Marian     Marianne   Wide Receiver      
    7     Nine While Nine   Child Of Light    
    8     Some Kind Of Stranger     Little Wing    
    9     Some Kind Of Stranger (Early)      Andy's Little Wing        
   10     unknown   Down to E.....     On The Wire      

First And Last And Always - 2006 Rhino re-release inlay p. 14
First And Last And Always - 2006 Rhino Re-release CD-tray

Further Tracks

Apart from the songs listed above, further tracks were recorded but not used for the actual First And Last And Always album release.

Some of them were elaborated later for official Ghost Dance and The Mission records. The tracks as they were have of course been eternalized on various bootlegs such as Victims Of Circumstance or Rare Obscurites.

More information on this can be found in this Wiki...