Some Kind Of Stranger (Early)

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Merciful Release 3CD Box - Rhino compilation box of their 2006 re-releases

An early version of Some Kind Of Stranger with slightly different lyrics.

This version was recorded in Summer 1984 during the recording sessions

for The Sisters of Mercy's first full studio album First And Last And Always

at Strawberry Studios, Stockport

This initial version of the song was included as late as 2006 in the remastered

Rhino re-release of that album and as well as in their 2007 Merciful Release 3CD Box.

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Some Kind Of Stranger (Early)

From England in the morning
I haven´t slept for days
I haven´t kept the promise made

And I know the world is cold
But that if you hold on tight to what you find
You might not mind too much
Though even this must pass away

Some Kind Of Stranger (early)

And memories may last for years
But names are just for souveniers
Let me look into your eyes

And I don´t care what you´re called
Tell me later if at all
I can wait a long, long time before I hear another love song

Don't give me whys and wherefores
Reason for surprise
I don't care for words that don't belong

Come here
I think you´re beautiful
My door is open wide
Some kind of stranger come inside
I think you´re beautiful
I think you´re beautiful
I think you´re beautiful
Angel come inside
I think you´re beautiful

Music: Gary Marx / Lyrics: Andrew Eldritch
Lyrics and music are property and copyright of their respective rights holders and provided only for study purposes.


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