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Echoes Vol. I - Cover (front)
Echoes Vol. I - Cover (back)
Edward Collier - Vanitas still life


Echoes is a series of 4 vinyl bootlegs with live and demo material. The first and present one was put out as a 7” single and contains just live cuts. The following vinyls were released as 12” bootlegs. All these maintain the same front coverart in different colours, see Echoes Vol 2, Echoes Vol 3, Echoes Vol 4. A series of ECHOES-CDs does exist as well.

Release Notes

  • Label: Speed Of Light Records
  • Catalog#: TOL 88
  • Format: 7" vinyl single
  • Released: 1988


  • All of these 7" vinyls come with a large centre-hole.
  • The cover consists of a folded glossy cardboard sleeve.
  • The front cover shows part of a painting from Dutch artist Edward Collier.
This work of art is a vanitas still life. Such still lifes were very fashionable
in the 16th and 17th century and meant to remind the beholder of the caducity of things and life.
The text on the paper in the picture is a Latin proverb: “HOMO EST SIMILIS BULLAE”
(Man is but a bubble), reflecting once again the main idea of the vanitas painting.



A - Temple Of Love             B - Valentine

For recent price developments see sistersbootlegs/echoes1 or popsike/echoes1.

Additional Pictures

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Echoes Vol. 1 - Cover unfolded with vinyl
Echoes Vol. 1 - 7" vinyl in gatefold cover