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The venue in Camden, London
Trans-Europe Excess Tour Logo

Electric Ballroom, Camden, London, England

The Sisters of Mercy during their Trans-Europe Excess Tour in 1983 as support
act for The Virgin Prunes, which meant that their set started relatively early in
the evening at around 9.00 p.m.

Afterwards, the band moved over to Camden Palace, where after midnight they
played a second, very late (or very early) gig. The latter gig is therefore listed
under Fri, 12 August 1983 - Camden Palace, London, England.

The present concert of August 11th, 1983 was one of the best of the time and,
consequently, a variety of bootlegs quote from it:

  • Some of the songs played at this gig are available on the Weird Tales 7".
  • A few further tracks can be found on a CD with the similar title ECHOES VOL. I.

In addition, various audience recordings from this concert are in circulation among the fanbase.

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Announcement Clipping
The Sisters of Mercy - Adrenochrome
- live at the Electric Ballroom 11/08/83 (still video)

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