ECHOES VOL 2 (12")

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ECHOES VOL.2 - Folded paper cover (front)
ECHOES VOL.2 - Folded paper cover (back)

ECHOES is a series of four vinyl bootlegs with live and demo material. The first one was put out as a 7” single, while the following three - including the present one - were released in 12” format.

All these releases maintain the same front coverart, but in different colours. Insofar see also Echoes Vol 1, Echoes Vol 3, Echoes Vol 4. For further information on the front cover art see especially Echoes Vol 1.

A series of ECHOES-CDs does exist as well.

Release Notes

  • Labels:
    DIR Broadcasting - King Bisquit
    Speed Of Light Records
  • Catalogue#:
    TEMPLE 67 (Speed Of Light Records)
  • Format: 12 " vinyl LP
  • Released: 1990


ECHOES VOL.2 - First edition - Radio promo with DIR labels
  • This bootleg exists in three editions and two re-issues.
ECHOES VOL.2 - Second edition
- Speed of Light Records (with orange labels)
  • The first edition is a so-marked radio broadcast promo
    by DIR Broadcasting on their very own King Biscuit Label.

     The labels are yellow (orange) and say: "for radio play only (Not for sale)" and:
       "This program is solely for the one-time broadcast use of stations cleared
        by DIR Broadcasting on the designated date and time scheduled by the
        network. It must be returned to DIR network immediately after airing."

     There is no mention, whatsoever, of the band or the tracks on these labels.
     The matrix number on either side of the vinyl is TEMPLE 67 A/B.
     500 - 1000 copies of this radio promo do exist.
     (For pictures see on the right and scroll to down below ...)

  • The second edition comes with plain yellow (orange) labels.
    (See the picture down in the middle on the right-hand side...)

     NOTE: From this issue on, all releases are attributed to Speed of Light Records.

  • The third edition has b/w 'A' and 'B' labels (see pictures down below).
  • All three editions come in a gatefold paper cover with b/w artwork.


ECHOES VOL.2 - Second reissue with limited editions sticker and booklet.
Vinyl with Merciful Release logo labels
  • The re-issues of this bootleg were allegedly also released on Speed Of Light Records.
  • Both re-issues come in a spined common hardpaper cover showing the original artwork.
  • The labels are black with a Merciful Release logo. Both re-issues are limited to 100 copies.

  • The second re-issue is accompanied by a booklet in German language.
    The sticker on the front says: "Limited edition of 100 copies free with special booklet",
    and gives the number of the indvidual copy. The numbering of these runs 01/100.
The accompanying booklet shows a large "Approved" print with the logo of The Reptile House,
The Sisters of Mercy's Merchandise Service. (Find more pictures of this one down below...)

  • The first re-issue has a similar sticker on the cover front, though without numbering.
Also, there is no mention of a booklet with it.


  • Tracks A1 - A3 are demos.

For recent price developments see sistersbootlegs/Echoes Vol.2 ...

Track List

Side A Side B
A1   A Rock And A Hard Place           Demo 1984 B1   Knockin' On Heaven's Door           Live Manchester 1984
A2   Flood III Demo 1986 - actually a demo of Flood I               B2   Hey Joe Live Manchester 1984
A3   Afterhours Demo 1984 B3   Purple Haze Live Manchester 1984
A4   Jolene Live Norwich 1983 B4   Stairway To Heaven Live Manchester 1984
A5   Adrenochrome Live Norwich 1983 B5   Ghostrider Live Manchester 1984
B6   Louie Louie Live Manchester 1984

Additional Pictures

Please click for larger views...

ECHOES VOL.2 - First edition
- DIR Promo (yellow label)
ECHOES VOL.2 - First edition
- DIR's King Biscuit Label
ECHOES VOL.2 - First edition
- DIR Broadcasting Promo (vinyl side b)
ECHOES VOL.2 - Third edition with A/B-labels
- unfolded paper cover with vinyl
ECHOES VOL.2 - Third edition with A/B-labels
- Cover and vinyl (Side A)
ECHOES VOL.2 - Third edition with A/B-labels
- Cover and vinyl (Side B)
ECHOES VOL.2 - Second re-issue
- limited edtion with numbered sticker
ECHOES VOL.2 - Limited edition re-issue
- vinyl with Merciful Release logo
- Second re-issue booklet (front)
- Second re-issue booklet (back)