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Wake - PolyGram VHS cover (front)
Wake - PolyGram VHS release (overview)
Wake - Laserdisc cover (front)


  Label   Catalogue#     Released     Country     Format   Notes
  Polygram Music Video   041 325 2     1985   UK   VHS / PAL     Original Release, Barcode: 04404 13252  
  Pioneer Japan / PolyGram Music Video     SM058-3008     1985   Japan   LaserDisc / NTSC     CLV Digital Stereo Sound, comes with a blue biography insert,  
  a two-sided disc - side 2 starts with Amphetamine Logic  
  Channel 5 Public Broadcasting     CFV 06152     1987   UK   VHS / PAL   Barcode: 5014226061528
  WEE RECORDS   CMV 1042     1987   Europe   VHS / PAL   A Castle Music Video

Wake Laserdisc - Cover without OBI
Wake Laserdisc with biography sheet


The very last concert of The Sisters of Mercy in the final constellation of their second stage ...


  • Produced and directed by Mike Mansfield
    (look here for his further Filmography...)
  • Photographs: Barry Plummer
  • Running Time: approx. 57 min.
  • © 1985 WEA Records Ltd. - However, Wake was not released by WEA!
    The Sisters of Mercy's then record company wouldn't finance the video.

Regarding the latter points, here is a quote from The Sisters of Mercy's very own FAQ pages...

Why isn't the last encore included on 'Wake', the film of the Royal Albert Hall concert in 1985?

By the time we hit the stage for the last encore, some of the necessary machines had been switched off.
Various film technicians had decided that we'd finished. Andrew had been performing with a couple of
cracked ribs, and he had indeed decided to finish, but Lemmy was in the dressing room to convince him
that another encore was in order. After a short discussion and a multilateral assessment of all the available
pharmaceuticals, the band hit the stage again - but too speedily for the aforementioned technicians.

There was some audio-visual material from the last encore, but Polygram "lost it" shortly after the film was
edited and released.

Why isn't 'Gimme Shelter' included on 'Wake'?

Because the Rolling Stones apparently refused to grant the so-called "synchronisation rights"
which are necessary for visual cover versions.

The band was on WEA Records at the time. Why was 'Wake' released by Polygram?

WEA didn't want to fund the project.

This video has often been bootlegged and re-released on various occasions.
Some examples can be found under:

Wake - Channel 5 (front)


Wake - Live at the Royal Albert Hall 18 June 1985

Band/Recording Personnel

Additional Pictures

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Wake - PolyGram cover (back)
Wake - Channel 5 VHS (cover)
Wake - CMS release (overview)
Wake - CMS cover (front)
Wake - Channel 5 release
*** 1
Wake - Channel 5 (back)
Wake - Channel 5 VHS cassette

 *** 1 Wake - Channel 5 Release (spine)

Wake Laserdisc - Version without OBI (overview)
*** 2
*** 3
Wake Laserdisc - Label Side 1

 *** 2 Wake Laserdisc - OBI (front) /  *** 3 Wake Laserdisc - OBI (back)

Wake Laserdisc - Label Side 2
Wake Laserdisc - Biography sheet (detail)