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This is a fully incomplete list of recording and demo sessions with The Sisters of Mercy and not all of them have a page in this wiki as yet.

We recommend, you also check the external links given under each entry for more information and some very interesting and enlightening reads,

see also the UltimateSistersGuide/Radio & Recording Sessions.

With regard to the 1984/1985 production era for The Sisters debut studio album First And Last And Always,

you should definitely not miss the Heavy Leather Blog in-detail research review All I Know For Sure: The Making of First And Last And Always!!!.

This page is Work in Progress and going to be extended as soon as ever possible


  • Basement Demos, 1981
Untitled demo (Body Electric with different lyrics)
  • Demo Session, late 1981
Good Things (1st Demo)


February 1982, Kenny Giles Studio, Bridlington, Feb'82 (Body Electric)

one week of pre-production recorded by Von and John Ashton at Von's flat in Leeds before Alice Demos

Kenny Giles - two weekends with John Ashton ... Alice/Alice EP

  • John Peel, BBC Radio Station, London, England
Wed, 25-Aug-1982

September 1982 also known as Strawberry Sessions 1982


  • Kid Jensen Show, BBC Radio, London, England
Sun, 06-Mar-1983


  • Demo sessions (Parkside Studios)
see FALAA Demo Sessions @wikipedia

FALAA recording sessions - June and July 1984

  • John Peel Sessions, BBC Radio, London, England
Tue, 19-Jun-1984

  • Genetic Studios (August to September 1984)
see FALAA Recordings Sessions @wikipedia

  • Livingston Studios (23 November – 9 December 1984)
see - All I Know For Sure: The Making of First And Last And Always
which gives a detailled insight and overview of the entire production process of the album and the accompanying singles


January/February 1985


  • July 1986 - Fairview Recording Studio, Willerby, Hull, England "Sisterhood Demos"

often referred to as Portastudio Floodland Demos (1986).


  • New York, 1987
Floodland recordings Part 1 @wikipedia
  • England, 1987
Floodland recordings Part 2 @wikipedia