Floodland Demos (1986)

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Demos recorded in 1986 for The Sisters of Mercy's second studio album Floodland,

often referred to as Portastudio Floodland Demos (1986).

Recording Notes

  • All tracks were recorded by Andrew Eldritch in 1986 (see the below information derived from another Wiki)

Andrew Eldritch began to compose a new WEA album in Hamburg. He recorded demo versions of all the songs
on Floodland except This Corrosion as well as a 7-minute instrumental without title. These demos were mainly
recorded with a Casio CZ-101 synthesizer, some acoustic guitars and a new drum machine:

By the time Floodland was being written, Andrew had spent all the ready cash on a computer and a sequencer,
and was looking for a reasonably priced midi drum machine with a tighter snare drum. So he got a Yamaha RX5
for the snare sound (the kick was quite tight too) and wrote the album with that".*

* Quote from The Sisters or Mercy's homepage under Sisters Tech - Doktor

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  • Total Running Time: 30:09

 In 1988, these demos began to surface on various bootlegs and can be found (in full or partly) on:


•   Dominion / Mother Russia 5:11
•   Flood I 1:12
•   Lucretia, My Reflection 2:10
•   Never Land 7:37
•   Untitled 6:53
•   Driven Like The Snow aka Snowdriver                                           3:24
•   Flood II 3:32                           Flood II (Demo)