Heaven Can Wait

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Heaven Can Wait - Cover of the 1988 release
Heaven Can Wait - Cover of the 1992 release

Heaven Can Wait - 1992 edition cover (front) with vinyl

Heaven Can Wait features an incomplete bootleg recording from

The Sisters of Mercy's concert at King George's Hall, Blackburn in 1985.

This was the only gig where The Sisters of Mercy performed Stairway To Heaven with lyrics.

On a few other occasions, Stairway To Heaven was played as an instrumental introduction

to their Sister Ray / Ghostrider medleys.

After this gig, since Andrew Eldritch had forgotten (or just didn't know) the words,

The Sisters of Mercy never performed this song live again.

The concert ended, however, in one of The Sisters' famous medleys.

Release Notes

  • Catalogue Number: TMQ 71106
  • Format: 12" vinyl LP
  • Released: 1988 (Luxembourg) / 1992
Heaven Can Wait - Second edition cover (front)with vinyl


  • Released in two limited editions.
  • The first edition (1988) comes in a dark brown cover with a b/w xerox glued
    to the cover front and is limited to 100 copies.
  • The second edition has a mint green/blue (turquoise) cover and was issued in 1992.
    This one is limited to 500 copies. Some copies come with a track list on a separate insert.
  • The colour of the cover of the second edition is hard to tell. In some pictures it looks greenish,
    in others more blueish. Perhaps different colour-tone versions exist ...
  • One person obviously did find this cover version not all that entertaining and revamped it
on the front with a picture of Andrew Eldritch snipped from the cover art of the official
First And Last And Always album, while on on the back he/she glued paper strip onto the
standard Trade Mark Of Quality cover art giving - for once! - the track list in typewriter letters,
see the pictures down below.


  • The recording on the present bootleg is incomplete.
The full gig can be found on the bootlegs CDs Stairway To Heaven and Burn Black
and also on the relatively new 2LP-bootleg release King Georges Hall.
An audience tape does exist as well, see 1985 03 21 King Georges Hall Tape

For recent price developments of both editions see sistersbootlegs/Heaven Can Wait or popsike/heavencanwait

Track List

Heaven Can Wait - 1992 edition, cover back with vinyl in sleeve
Side 1 Side 2
1.  Train 1.  Body Electric
2.  Emma 2.  Gimme Shelter
3.  A Rock And A Hard Place                           3.  Some Kind Of Stranger
4.  Floorshow 4.  Stairway To Heaven
5.  Alice 5.  Sister Ray

Sister Ray Medley (course) Credits
00:00  -  Drums start Vocals     –     Andrew Eldritch
00:12  -  Guitars start Bass       –     Craig Adams
00:34  -  "Sister Ray!" Guitar      –     Wayne Hussey
01:07  -  Vocals start
06:52  -  Vocals stop
07:08  -  Drums stop
07:24  -  Guitar feedback fades out                   

Additional Pictures

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Heaven Can Wait
- Cover with Record Side 2
Heaven Can Wait - Label Side 2
Heaven Can Wait - Info Sheet (snippet)
Heaven Can Wait
- Cover (front) with homemade Andrew Eldritch sticker
Heaven Can Wait
- Detail of homemade track-list sticker on the cover (back)
Heaven Can Wait
- Cover (back) with homemade track-list sticker