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Trade Mark Of Quality - Label Logos
Trade Mark Of Quality - Typical Inner Sleeve

Trade Mark of Quality was one of the legendary bootleg labels in the very beginning of the 70s, established in 1970 or 1971 by two bootleggers known as Dub and Ken.

Among plenty others, the label released various bootlegs featuring The Sisters of Mercy.

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 Title  Catalogue#  Format  Content  Remarks
  Wholy Ghost   TMQ 71105     12" vinyl LP   17.05.1985, Kolingsborg, Stockholm, Sweden     limited edition of 500 copies
  Heaven Can Wait     TMQ 71106     12" vinyl LP   21.03.1985, King George's Hall, Blackburn, UK     Limited first edition of 100 copies  
  Second edition 500 copies
  Adult Movies   TMQ 72113     2 x 12" vinyl LP   LP 1 - various live recordings from Germany,  
  LP 2 - LP 2 recorded on 02.05.1985, Teatro Espero, Rome, Italy  
  Ghostly Crew   TMQ 71124     12" vinyl LP   Demos   limited edition of 500 copies
  Beware The Ghost     TMQ 72127     2 x 12" vinyl LP     28.08.1983, Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL   limited edition of 500 copies

Wholy Ghost
Wholy Ghost - Second edition
Heaven Can Wait - 1992 release
Heaven Can Wait - 1988 release
Adult Movies
Ghostly Crew
Beware The Ghost
Typical back cover
here: Beware The Ghost