Beware The Ghost

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Beware The Ghost - Cover (front)

A double-LP bootleg of The Sisters of Mercy's gig on

28th August 1983 at the Paradiso in Amsterdam, NL

Release Notes


  • Limited edition of 500 copies
  • The tracks are not listed on the back cover, instead the item comes with an additional insert
or a leaflet of several pages giving information on this and other releases by Trademark of Quality.
Click here for a readable view of the part referring to The Sisters
or also here for a view of a leaflet as mentioned above.
  • Total Running Time: 70:43 min.


Beware The Ghost - Cover (back)
Record 1
Side 1 Side 2
1.   Burn 1.   Emma
2.   Valentine                                                  2.   Temple Of Love
3.   Anaconda 3.   Floorshow
4.   Heartland 4.   Adrenochrome
5.   Alice

Record 2
Side 3 Side 4
1.   Gimme Shelter 1.   Sister Ray
2.   Kiss The Carpet                                         2.   Louie Louie
3.   Body Electric 3.   Ghostrider
4.   Lights 4.   Louie Louie

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Additional Pictures

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LP 1
LP 2
Beware The Ghost - vinyls with labels 3 and 2 in sleeves
Beware The Ghost - complete view with inlay