Ghostly Crew

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Ghostly Crew - Cover (front)
Ghostly Crew - Cover (back)

Another bootleg release by Trade Mark Of Quality.

Release Notes

  • Catalog#: TMQ71124
  • Format: 12" vinyl LP
  • Released: - unknown -


  • Limited edition of 500 copies
  • Comes with an insert detailing the track list as well
    as listing various other Trade Mark Of Quality releases
  • Has a dark pink Trade Mark Of Quality logo on the cover front, a large one on the cover back, and green
    TAKRL labels on the vinyl.


  • All songs on this record are demos.
Ghostly Crew - Vinyl (side two) with green TAKRL label

Track List

Side A Side B
 1.  1969  7.  Heartland
 2.  Anaconda                                                       8.  Burn
 3.  Phantom  9.  Valentine
 4.  Valentine 10.  Alice
 5.  Fix 11.  Floorshow
 6.  Jolene 12.  Phantom

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