Victims Of Circumstance (Australian Bootleg)

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Victims Of Circumstance
is the title of various different bootlegs:

Release Notes
There is not much known so far apart from these facts:

  • this has been produced in Australia
  • these are real factory-pressed CDs
  • the sound quality is very good


1.   Ghostrider/Sister Ray -   Live Live in Amsterdam, 1984
2.   Red Skies Disappear -   Listed as "Marian"                     Strawberry Sessions 1984 - Vocals: Gary Marx
3.   Dance On Glass -   Studio Demo Vocals: Wayne Hussey
4.   A Rock And A Hard Place -   Disco Mix
5.   Garden Of Delight -   studio demo Strawberry Sessions 1984 - Vocals: Wayne Hussey
6.   Garden Of Delight -   Studio Demo Strawberry Sessions 1984 - Vocals: Andrew Eldritch
7.   Knockin' On Heaven's Door           -   Studio Demo Strawberry Sessions 1984
8.   Serpent's Kiss -   Instrumental Strawberry Sessions 1984
9.   Emma -   Unfinished

About Each Track

Victims Of Circumstance Australian Bootleg Disc

Ghostrider / Sister Ray is a live version, recorded in Amsterdam at the Melkweg, on 2 June 1984.

Red Skies Disappear is the demo of Gary Marx singing early lyrics of First And Last And Always that vaguely echo Marian (except Red Skies Disappear is about lying on the beach with Marian, rather than drowning without her).

Dance On Glass has a tinny sounding instrumental take of Black Planet and some lyrics by Hussey, who sings this unreleased song. Some of the lyrics made it onto other Mission songs, such as Naked And Savage, whereas The Mission's version of Dance On Glass is very much different.

A Rock And A Hard Place is the version with the almost techno-esque bassline.

Garden Of Delight is an unreleased song. It has Wayne Hussey singing. This song was later remade by The Mission, with similar, not identical, lyrics.

The second version of Garden Of Delight is the same, musically, but has Eldritch singing. His voice isn't as well suited to the song as Hussey's.

Knockin' On Heaven's Door is a long studio demo of the classic Dylan song. There could be a fade halfway through on this CD which might be due to ... bootlegging circumstances.

Serpent's Kiss is an instrumental take of the song which eventually made it out as The Mission's first single.

Emma is a demo version, though many years would pass before its release on Dominion