Mon, 26-Jan-1998

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Brussels Free Official Gig Sisters Info
Ancienne Belgique Logo.JPG

Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium

One of the highlights of The Sisters of Mercy's Event Horizon Tour in 1998

was the announcement of a free gig @Ancienne Belgique in Brussels, Belgium.

Support act were Merciful-Release contracted Scoda Blush.

Plenty reviews, pictures and more interesting stuff are available

@SistersTours/1998/01/26, The Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium.

An audience recording of this concert does exist, but seem not easy to find.


Soundcheck - DominionKnockin' On Heaven's DoorRomeo DownAliceBody Electric

Ticket for Special Gig in Brussels


Intro: Fly And Collision Of Comas Sola

Event Horizon 1998 Tour Logo
Ticket for Special Gig in Brussels

First Encore

Second Encore

Final Encore