Come Together

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Come Together In Mercyland - Vienna 1993
Dark Christmas In London - London 1993

Come Together is as yet unreleased.

It was first played live on 2 December 1993 at Bank Austria Zelt, Vienna, Austria

and performed for the so far last time on 7 April 2006 at La Riviera, Madrid, Spain.

The track is available on various bootlegs such as Come Together In Mercyland (LP),

Dark Christmas In London, 1996, Victorian Night, Visions At The Forum

and Exxile In Cologne.

1996 - Offenbach, Germany 1996
Victorian Night - London, 1997


- not confirmed -

Come Together
A little child
And a cold missile / messiah
With a white wedding dress
And a Black Maria.
Some wild idea and I head back home
Swing low sweet Jesus
Come to carry me

Carry me home
Swing low
Carry me home

Visions At The Forum - London, 1998

Come together, home
Come together, home

Carry on angel
No-one can harm you now

The Sisters of Mercy - Come Together (Philadelphia 1997)
Exxile In Cologne - Cologne & Bonn 2001

Though your fins / Lower your fence
Though your fins /Lower your fence, be scarlet

Come together, home
Come together, home

Just walk
Into the fast lane
Head in the stars
Horizon, behold

Music: Adam Pearson / Lyrics: Andrew Eldritch
Lyrics and music are property and copyright of their respective rights holders and provided only for study purposes.


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