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Scoda Blush were a band from Northern Germany founded in 1994.

Band Members

  • Peter Paulsen - bass
  • Jürgen Hardt - drums

In 1995, Scoda Blush attended the John Lennon Talent Award and won a support package, following which they performed in diverse shows in Germany.

Andrew Eldritch contracted the band in 1996 for a record deal with Merciful Release and recordings for a CD production began. Producer: Andrew Eldritch.

In 1997, producer Black Fontana was taken on the boat to engineer and mix the final production.

While their first CD-single "Little Late" was released over Merciful Release and distributed through Rough Trade,

Scoda Blush played various support acts with The Sisters of Mercy during their 1998 Event Horizon Tour.

They were also on the list of bands of the Sisters-headlined 3-day Supercrash Festival 1997 in Rendsburg, Germany.

In 1998, their finished CD could be found at The Sisters of Mercy's merchandise stand.

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