Ribbons (song)

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Ribbons formed a part of the Vision Thing album, released in 1990.

For lyrics see also: http://www.thesistersofmercy.com/lyrics/ribbons.htm


Vision Thing front cover

I'm lying on my back now
The stars look all too near
flowers on the razor wire
I know you're here
We are few
And far between
I was thinking about her skin
Love is a many splintered thing
Don't be afraid now
Just walk on in
(Flowers on the razor wire)
(Walk on in)

Her eyes were cobalt red
Her voice was cobalt blue
I see no purple light
Crashing out of you
So just walk on in

Her lovers queued up in the hallway
I heard them scratching at the door
I tried to tell her
About Marx and Engels, God and angels
I don't really know what for
But she looked good in ribbons
So just walk on in
She looked good in ribbons
So just walk on in

Tie a red red red red red red red red ribbon
Is a many splintered thing
Tie a red red red red ribbon
Don't be afraid
Just walk on in

Music & Lyrics: Andrew Eldritch
Lyrics and music are property and copyright of their respective rights holders and provided only for study purposes.


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