2in1 - Some Girls Wander By Mistake and Vision Thing

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2in1 - Set cover (front)
2in1 - Set cover (back)

A 2CD set consisting of Some Girls Wander By Mistake, a compilation of The Sisters' first single releases,

and their latest official studio album Vision Thing.

Release Notes

  • Label: Rhino Records / Warner Music International
  • Catalogue#: 2564-69460-3
  • Format: 2CD
  • Released: 2008


  • These issues consist of the unremastered original CD releases.
  • However, Temple of Love is other than on Some Girls Wander... the 1992 version.
  • Full album credits can be found and downloaded in PDF format here

Even though this is some sort of "official release", it is only a matter of record company sales.
Andrew Eldritch or The Sisters of Mercy had no involvement in the remastering process or in these releases.
They were, in fact, not even consulted.

Track Lists

CD 1 CD 2
Some Girls Wander By Mistake                                                                                                                     Vision Thing
01_Alice 01_Vision Thing
02_Floorshow 02_Ribbons
03_Phantom 03_Detonation Boulevard
04_1969 04_Something Fast
05_Kiss The Carpet 05_When You Don't See Me
06_Lights 06_Doctor Jeep
07_Valentine 07_More
08_Fix 08_I Was Wrong
10_Kiss The Carpet (Reprise)
11_Temple Of Love (1992)
13_Gimme Shelter
14_The Damage Done
16_Home Of The Hit-Men
17_Body Electric