Kiss The Carpet (Reprise)

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The Reptile House EP - Cover (front)

An Instrumental reprise of the Kiss The Carpet theme.

While Kiss The Carpet was the first song on Side A of The Reptile House EP,

Kiss The Carpet (Reprise) was the last track (and an instrumental one as well)

on Side B of the record, thus defining and supporting the lyrical approach and

demeanour of the release.

Some Girls Wander By Mistake - Cover (front)

And like the cover of a book won't tell you

the end of the novel, you're potentially about to read,

Kiss The Carpet (Reprise) was not mentioned

on neither the cover nor on the record labels of

The Reptile House EP.

The 1992 compilation of early single releases, Some Girls Wander By Mistake, features the full

Reptile House EP. It includes this instrumental track and lists the songs in the same order.

However, the Some Girls Wander By Mistake version fades out, unlike the version featured in the E.P.