Wake Shot Promos

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Wake Shot Promos - Front inlay (complete)
Wake Shot Promos - Cover (back)

A DVD-bootleg of unknown origin.

All we have found so far are these pictures of the cover.


  • Part 3 (PROMOS) consists of The Sisters of Mercy's early promo videos.

Track Lists

WAKE SHOT                             Remarks
01   First And Last And Always                                             01   This Corrosion                             Plenty similar bootleg-DVDs of such content exist,
02   Body And Soul 02   Dominion                             see for example:
03   Marian 03   Lucretia, My Reflection                             - Wake - In Concert At The Royal Albert Hall (DVD)
04   No Time To Cry 04   1959                             - Live From The Royal Albert Hall - Floorshow (video)
05   Walk Away                             - Decades
06   Possession                             - Wake Shot 2.0
07   Emma
08   Amphetamine Logic PROMOS
09   A Rock And A Hard Place 01   Black Planet
10   Floorshow 02   Walk Away
11   Alice
12   Fix
13   Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Any further information should be very welcome.