Hand Of God

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Hand Of God - Small Poster with Cover Art

Initially a cassette bootleg that was distributed later also on CD-r. A vinyl LP was intended as well,

but never realised, although some catalogue# (MR48052-1) had already been assigned to it.

Release Notes

  • Label: - none -
  • Format: Cassette / CD-r
  • Catalogue#: - not known - / MR48052-4
  • Released: late 1980s (Sweden / Stockholm)

Hand Of God - Overview with Tape Side 2

Some quote from the depths of the internet

I can verify that there never was an LP (unless someone pressed one later from the tape). A person, let's call him a very good friend of mine, very intelligent, attractive, good taste etc made this cassette in Stockholm, from sources that he had painstakingly collected, mostly in London, after he had heard "Alice" when it came out and had become hooked on the Sisters.

As he was a skilled graphic designer (a rarity at the time) with access to expensive printing equipment, and loved bootlegs (and in particular the Sisters), he had the cassette printed and replicated from a professional 2" master tape at one of the official pressing plants (on Gärdet in Stockholm, a place that didn't ask questions).

He also made a colour cover for the cassette, a voluminous lyric and interview scrapbook, and a small poster, and shrinkwrapped the whole thing at the office where his friend was working (they had an awesome shrinkwrapping machine).

To wrap it all up, he also printed a transparent sticker that was placed on the package, which was sold at a certain very hip record store in downtown Stockholm ...

The above quote should at least clarify the origin of the cassette. The CD version, which also has never surfaced to-date, will clearly be a reproduction of the latter.

Track List

Side 1 Side 2
Track Source Track Source
Red Skies Disappear Demo The Damage Done Official 7" single
Good Things Demo Knockin' On Heaven's Door      Mudd Club, Gothenburg, Sweden, 15/05/85
Garden Of Delight Demo Teachers/Adrenochrome Demo
Hey Joe / Purple Haze    Manchester University, UK, 13/10/84        Dance On Glass Demo
Emma Demo Sister Ray Maxim Gorki, Stuttgart, Germany, 12/11/84
Jolene Demo Gimme, Gimme, Gimme    Danceteria, New York, USA, 13/04/84
Long Train Official Lucretia single    Where Spirits Fly Civic Hall, Guildford, UK, 01/11/84
Louie Louie Live in London 1984 Ghostrider Kolingsborg, Stockholm, Sweden, 17/05/85
Stairway To Heaven King George's Hall, Blackburn, UK, 21/03/85