Astoria Theatre 2001 (video)

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Astoria theatre 22 23 February 2001.JPG

Double VHS-video of The Sisters of Mercy's gigs at London Astoria
on February 22nd and 23rd 2001, both shows complete.

Recording Notes
So far, nothing is known about the circumstances of this production.

Sleeve Notes:
2 absolutely superb digital audience films,
capturing tThe Sisters live and close-up.

A full 3 hours of pro-quality footage dubbed direct
from the master-tapes with hifi stereo sound.

Check the camera stills on this cover for a taster!

Three hours or stunning footage

Band / Performing Personnel

Track Lists

Friday, 22/02/01 Saturday, 23/2/01
First And Last And Always Temple Of Love
Ribbons Ribbons
Come Together Come Together
Crash And Burn Train / Detonation Boulevard
Body Electric Crash And Burn
Summer Body Electric - the premiere of the slow version
Will I Dream? Will I Dream?
Dominion/Mother Russia Dominion/Mother Russia
Flood I Summer
Alice Giving Ground
Giving Ground We Are The Same, Susanne
We Are The Same, Susanne On The Wire / Teachers / On The Wire
Romeo Down Romeo Down
On The Wire / Teachers / On The Wire Flood II
Anaconda <break>
Vision Thing Something Fast
<break> Capricorn
War On Drugs I Didn't Know I Loved You ('til I Saw You Rock & Roll)
Capricorn <break>
I Didn't Know I Loved You ('til I Saw You Rock & Roll)                          War On Drugs
<break> Snubnose
Snubnose Vision Thing
Temple Of Love