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The Sisters of Mercy - More - 08.03.2016
The Sisters of Mercy - Ribbons - 08.03.2016
The Sisters of Mercy - Alice - 08.03.2016
Tour Logo 2016
Logo Palladium Cologne.png
Tour Logo 2016

Palladium, Cologne, Germany

The starting gig of The Sisters of Mercy's Europe Spring Tour 2016,

and also the rescheduled date from 15 October 2015 and 8 December 2015.

After two cancellations in a row due to illness spread all over the band,

The Sisters of Mercy returned to Cologne, this time for a wonderful concert.

Support act: LSD on CIA

For reviews, photos, more video links and everything,

please check the @Heartland Forums from around here.

An audience recording of this concert is in circulation among the fanbase,

see also Live In Cologne 08-03-2016.


The Sisters of Mercy - Flood I - 08.03.2016
The Sisters of Mercy - Summer - 08.03.2016

The Soundcheck

The Show

The Sisters of Mercy - Jihad - 08.03.2016
The Sisters Of Mercy, 08.03.2016 - a cut-together:
First And Last And Always / Lucretia, My Refection
Alice / Temple Of Love / No Time To Cry
The Sisters of Mercy - Lucretia, My Reflection - 08.03.2016

First Encore

Second Encore

The Sisters of Mercy - This Corrosion - 08.03.2016

Band / Line-up

Our thanks go to all the dedicated contributors of these wonderful videos.

Check their channels and you will find more great treasures...