Thu, 01-Sep-1983

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Odeon, Münster, West Germany

Part of the Trans-Europe Excess Tour in 1983

Various incomplete recordings from this concert do exist and are - compiled into one - in circulation among the fanbase.

The version of Temple Of Love played here made it onto the bootleg-CD Sister Ray. This one and six other songs
are also available on the 12" bootleg The Damage Is Done. And there is a bootleg cassette, which was long believed
to feature the full concert, see Jesus Loves The Sisters (cassette). Unfortunately, this recording is from the Hamburg
show the day before.

A quite enlightening and interesting read about the venue and The Sisters concert there with many pictures and further links
can be found at the ever informative blog I Was A Teenage Sisters of Mercy Fan under the entry TSOM with a different
singer! - Munster Odeon, 1st September 1983
. Don't miss it!.

The Sisters of Mercy - Emma - 01.09.1983 (still video)


Thanks to spiggytapes, we have at least the two still
videos from the concert here, which are definitely from the gig ...

The Sisters of Mercy - Sister Ray - 01.09.1983 (still video)
- Encore without Andrew Eldritch singing