Jesus Loves The Sisters (cassette)

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Cassette Cover

A cassette bootleg from the Trans Europe Excess Tour in 1983.

Release Notes

  • Label: Glitterhouse Records
  • Catalog#: G 002
  • Format: Cassette
  • Date and place of release: 1983 (Germany)


Unfortunately not. This recording is in fact from Kir-Club in Hamburg one day earlier.


Jesus Loves The Sisters Tape.jpg
Side A Side B
A1 Reptile House B1 Heartland
A2 Valentine B2 Anaconda
A3 Temple Of Love                               B3 Emma
A4 Alice B4 Floorshow
A5 Adrenochrome B5 Gimme Shelter
A6 Body Electric B6 Lights
A7 Kiss The Carpet B7 Sister Ray