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A typical TSP inner sleeve variation
Preceedor of Pokemon with the "Collect 'em all!" catch phrase

The Swingin' Pig Records were a European bootleg label active in the 1980's.

Several bootlegs featuring The Sisters of Mercy were released by this label:

 Number:   Recording Date:  Group:   Title:   Type:  comments:
 TSP-077   30/05/1985  The Sisters of Mercy   Floorshow   LP
 TSP-CD-077   30/05/1985  The Sisters of Mercy     Floorshow   CD
 TSP-104   02/06/1984  The Sisters of Mercy   Live In Amsterdam 1984     LP
 TSP-CD-104     02/06/1984  The Sisters of Mercy   Live In Amsterdam 1984   CD
 TSP-CD-152   26/05/1984  The Sisters of Mercy   Live In The Trojan Horse   CD

Live In Amsterdam 1984
Live In The Trojan Horse
Tune In... Turn Off... Burn Out...

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