Live In Amsterdam 1984 (LP)

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Live In Amsterdam 1984 - LP Cover (front)

Release Notes


  • Very good sound quality, only very little crowd noise - Soundboard Recording!!!
  • The cover art shows a closeup picture of someone's hair
  • This bootleg, with identical cover art, is also available as a CD
  • Records are available in various colours of vinyl (see pictures below)

Source Information

The same gig is available on various other bootlegs such as:

Track List

Side A

A1   Burn   3:30
A2   Heartland   3:49
A3   Body And Soul                                                         3:40
A4   Anaconda   3:20
A5   Walk Away   3:42
A6.  Emma   7:34

Side B

B1   Floorshow   3:58
B2   Adrenochrome   3:16
B3   Alice   3:32
B4   Body Electric   4:30
B5   Gimme Shelter   6:00
12.   Ghostrider / Sister Ray                                            11:49

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Additional Pictures

Please click into pictures for larger view.

Live In Amsterdam 1984 - Red vinyl
Live In Amsterdam 1984 - Splattered grey blue vinyl
Live In Amsterdam 1984 - Splattered grey green vinyl
Live In Amsterdam 1984 - Clear vinyl with cover and sleeve
Live In Amsterdam 1984 - Cover (front) with snippet of black vinyl