The Roundhouse 2015 (DVD)

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Roundhouse 2015 - DVD Cover (back)
Suikerrock 2015 - DVD Cover (front)

A fanbase-produced audience video DVD from

The Sisters of Mercy's final concert in the UK

during their 2015 October Tour

Recording Notes

  • Tapers:
Video recording: Artemis SZ
Audio recording: Cyberbio
  • Format: Dvd (4.19go)
  • Lineage (audio recording):
--> SP-CMC-8 HC --> Edirol R09HR
--> TLH --> MP3
  • Lineage (video editing):
--> Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 13.0
--> TMPGEncAuthoringWorks4
  • Realised: 2015


EBay Forbidden text.jpg
Don't buy it, don't sell it, don't modify it !!!
  • For an audio only CD featuring the soundtrack of this video see London 2015


Track List

The Roundhouse 2015 - Disc (Lightscribe)

Band / Line-up

Additional Pictures

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The Roundhouse 2015 - DVD Cover (complete)
The Sisters of Mercy - Live at The Roundhouse, 18.10.2015