Sun, 11-Sep-2016

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La Riviera, Madrid, Spain

On a lovely Sunday during their Summer 2016 Tour, The Sisters of Mercy played La Riviera in Madrid.

The concert was recorded. Reviews and everything can,
be found in the according thread @The Heartland
Forums from around here ...

The Sisters of Mercy @La Riviera 2016 - This Corrosion

Band / Line-up


Ribbons - Doctor Jeep / Detonation Boulevard @La Riviera
2016 Announcement for the shows in Spain
The Sisters of Mercy @La Riviera - Rain From Heaven

First Encore

Second Encore

Ticket bought & printed @Carrefour

Our thanks go to the kind contributors of the pictures and videos here.

Check their channels and you might find more great treasures...

2016_09_11 Backstage Wristband

Some more videos

More @La Riviera 2016
Amphetamine Logic @La Riviera 2016
Body Electric + Alice @La Riviera 2016
No Time To Cry @La Riviera 2016
Marian @La Riviera 2016
Arms @La Riviera 2016
Dominion / Mother Russia @La Riviera 2016
Jihad + Valentine @La Riviera 2016
Lucretia, My Reflection @La Riviera 2016
Vision Thing @La Riviera 2016
First And Last And Always @La Riviera 2016
This Corrosion @La Riviera 2016