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Stranger - Cover (front)
Stranger - Cover (back)

A double-LP bootleg from the late 1980ies.

Stranger - Extremely rare limited edition on red-black marbled vinyl

Release Notes

  • Label: Twisted Records
  • Catalogue Number: ROK 1
  • Format: 2x 12" vinyl LP
  • Released: 1988


  • The labels of the bootleg indicate:
  • Nonetheless the sound quality of this bootleg is very good.
  • The title "Stranger" is printed only on the backside of the cover.
  • A very rare second limited edition of 15 copies does also exist.
  • That one has red-black marbled vinyls.
  • The same concert and in very good sound quality as well
    can be found on a CD-bootleg titled The Darks Were In Milan.


Stranger - Cover (with part of the vinyl)

Track List

For track durations see The Darks Were In Milan

Record One
A1  First And Last And Always                                               B1  Possession
A2  Body And Soul B2  Walk Away
A3  Marian B3  Emma
A4  No Time To Cry B4  Amphetamine Logic

Record Two
C1  A Rock And A Hard Place                                                D1  Gimme Shelter
C2  Floorshow D2  Knockin' On Heaven's Door
C3  Alice D3  Train

For recent price developments see sistersbootlegs/Stranger or popsike/stranger.

Additional Pictures

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Stranger - Overview standard edition
Stranger - Standard edition with black vinyls
Stranger - Another view of the regular edition with black vinyls
Stranger - Vinyls in sleeves
Stranger - Vinyl (Side Two)
Stranger - Label (Side Two)