SOUNDEDIT '23 - Łódź 11-11-23 (DVD)

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A full-show audience video from the only concert in Poland during The Sisters of Mercy's Tour of Europe 2023, when they visited the city of Łódź for the very first time. Sadly, the original tapers deleted this video from their channel, but fortunately, some MP4 could be secured by the fanbase.

SOUNDEDIT '23 - Łódź 11-11-23 - DVD Cover (front)

Recording Notes

  • Original Video Tapers: (video deleted from YT)
alternative video (see below) by Marek Maciejewski
  • Format: DVD (MP4)
  • Video Editing & Coverart: Planet Dave
  • Lineage:
unknown recording device --> upload to video channel
--> downloading original video in MP4 format
  • Duration: 1:15:19 hrs / 1:01:03 hrs
EBay Forbidden text.jpg
  • Circulated: November 2023


  • Very good sound and vision.
  • This is a fanbase production.

Band / Line-up


'SOUNDEDIT '23 - Łódź 11-11-23 - DVD Cover (back)

Track List


SOUNDEDIT '23 - Łódź 11-11-23 - DVD Cover (complete)
The Sisters of Mercy @Klub Wytwórnia, Łódź - The Full Show  
*** with special thanks to the Marek Maciejewski.