Peel Session Recordings 82-84

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John Peel Session Recordings - Cover (front)

One of the first 10" bootlegs from Greek production centres featuring the BBC Radio One Sessions

with The Sisters of Mercy that took place and were recorded in the 1980s.

An endless range of bootlegs with these tracks have been produced over the years.

For the most recent one, which was formerly featured on this page and comes as a box set,

see Complete BBC Radio One Sessions (Box set).

Release Notes

  • Original title (of the issue chosen to name this page): Peel Session Recordings 82'/84' (2 x 10")
Title of first version: John Peel Session Recordings (1 x 10")
  • Label: ‎– none -
  • Catalogue#: - none -
  • Format: 1 or 2 × 10" lathe-cut vinyl
  • Released: 2014 (Greece)

John Peel Session Recordings - Cover (back)


  • Two versions of this bootleg do basically exist. Both are limited editions.
  • The cover art of all these issues is very similar and shows the same band photo
on the front of the cover as the Australian A Fire In The Hull bootleg, although,
the latter was released later and features the Hull concert of 1st July 1983.
  • The layout of the covers does differ, however.
In addtion, for the second edition (the so-called die-hard edition),
the material chosen for the cover varies, see more details below.
  • The first edition consists of only one 10" record and has a shorter track list.
It also features Burn, which is not on the second edition and was not recorded
during a Radio One Session with John Peel,
but in 1983, rather, during the Kid Jensen Show.
  • This edition is limited to 10 hand-numbered copies.
  • Apart from the track list and the slightly changed title "John Peel Sessions 1982/1983/1984"
the back cover also shows a photo of band from the early days. But not the same as on the cover front.

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  • The second and so-called die-hard edition consists of three different issues
and is limited to 33 numbered copies (each, we guess)
  • It appears in the following varieties:
- blue cloth cover
- red leather cover
- black velvet cover
  • All of these covers are gatefold with the vinyls coming in additional sleeves.

Die-hard John Peel Session Recordings 82'/84' - Red leather gatefold cover (front)
The same cover, here looking rather pink
The vinyls photographed on the inside of the red leather gatefold issue

Track Lists

John Peel Session Recordings

Side A Side B
1   1969 4   No Time To Cry
2   Burn 5   Poison Door
3   Good Things                       6   Walk Away

Peel Session Recordings 82'/84'

Record ONE Record TWO
A1   1969 C1   Walk Away
A2   Alice C2   Emma
B1   Good Things                      D1   The Poison Door
B2   Floorshow D2   No Time To Cry

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